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I bought a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo to keep a backup of what’s on my PC, especially photos, but also anything else that was going.

The ReadyNAS is wonderful – fast, easy to use, easy to set up.

I want a backup program for my PC, and I want it to do three things:

  • From a location on my PC, copy everything there over to the backup drive.
  • Once everything is copied to the backup drive, copy any files that change to the backup, as soon as possible after they change.
  • Allow me to force a check or update, from the PC to the backup, any time I want.

But most of all I want simple.

There are many other backup programs out there, including some that come with the ReadyNAS. These programs are supposed to watch for changes to files on my PC, and copy those changed files to the NAS. Those other programs sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. They also seem to have all sorts of strange defects – like crashing, making the PC run slow, not copying all the files, or just being hard to set up.

Some want lots of money for their backup programs. Some are so complex, with so many options, that I can’t figure out what they do. I’ve only had 25 years software experience (well, Ok, nearly 30 years), but even I can’t figure out how half these programs work.

So I wrote my own. QuickShadow Backup is the result.