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QuickShadow Backup 2.26 Released

A user helpfully pointed out that the settings import from XML could in some cases cause a wrong setting to be applied for 2-way sync.

Version 2.26 fixes that error.


QuickShadow Backup 2.25 Released

Quicklytech recently had a hosting server migration. The new server is much fussier than the old one, and did not like the method used to check for software updates.

The QuickShadow program needed to be updated to deal with fussy hosting servers, so this update deals with that.

QuickShadow Backup 2.24 Released

It recently came to my attention that on some NAS devices, the copy of very large files was extremely slow (hours, when it should be minutes).

This was caused by a prior change that attempted to have the progress bars report more accurately – but with the downside that some modern NAS boxes don’t like that.

This release allows the windows file cache to work normally, and has a few other tweaks to try and optimise file copy throughput.

Progress bars may pause at the end of a file copy – this is normal.

QuickShadow Backup 2.23 Released

The new version checking system has been working fine for years, and just recently broke. It looks like this was something to do with the hosting system web server.

Anyhow the only fix seems to be an update to QS Backup, so version 2.23 fixes the problem – new versions are now checked and can be notified properly again.

QuickShadow Backup 2.22 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.22.0 is a minor maintenance release.

This release allows fles marked by windows with the “Temporary” attribute to be backed up.

Such files are seen extremely rarely, but when found they should have a backup taken.

QuickShadow Backup 2.21.0 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.21.0 is a minor maintenance release.

This increases the number of paths in a backup set from 20 to 30, and corrects an error where evaluation users would occasionally experience a program crash.

QuickShadow Backup 2.20 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.20 has been released.

This is a minor release, primarily to fix two annoyances:

– sometimes the word “Registered” would appear in the title bar more than once.

– sometimes the option to use VSS (windows snapshots) would become disabled for no apparent reason.

QuickShadow Backup 2.19 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.19 has been released.

This is a minor release, primarily to fix a few small defects and annoyances.

From the release notes:

Major improvements:

– For unregistered users only, occasional exceptions / crashes just after start up should now be removed.

Minor improvements:

– In some rare cases where files or directories won’t copy, the diagnostic information in the log was inadequate, better logging should help in tracking down what the backup device is doing.

– Better filtering and selection of locations in the directory chooser used for source and destination location selection.

QuickShadow Backup 2.18 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.18 has been released.

This is a major release which adds new features and corrects some defects.

From the release notes:

Major improvements:

– At install time,QuickShadow Backup can be selected for installation by a local administrator user (as was done back in ver 2.15), as well as for all users (as was for ver 2.17). Those users who had trouble using ver 2.17, can use ver 2.18 – just install for a single local administrator user.

– When looking up the backup locations / opening setup, in some cases this could be extremely slow – this is now significantly improved.

– When the backup is to an external machine with a username and password, the workgroup or domain is detected and a prompt is given to the user to allow those to be applied – this improves the reliability of connection in many cases.

QuickShadow Backup 2.17 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.17 has been released.

This is a major release which adds new features and corrects some defects.

From the release notes:

Major improvements:

– QuickShadow Backup can now be run by users who are not PC Administrators
(For example this means on a shared home PC, when the kids log in, the backups can still run).

– The Progress Bar for the Copy of files now much more accurately reflects actual progress.

– Dramatically quicker program close if a file copy was in progress (10x – 100x faster); especially at machine shutdown time.

– Normal operation will continue if some backup destinations are not available.

– New and easier to use source and destination directory / location selection.

– Improved compatibility with Microsoft OneDrive destinations (online/offline attributes).

Minor changes:

– Better machine start performance by juggling priorities and start-up delays.

– Pressing ESC during setup no longer deletes a backup set.

NOTE that this version includes major underlying changes, and allows LIMITED (non-admin) users to run AND configure the backup sets in QuickShadow Backup. This permits non-admin users to change the backup configuration. If this represents an unacceptable security change, please avoid using this version.