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We don’t much like testimonials – you never know the context, or whether they are real or made up.

But users of QuickShadow Backup have sent in these emails; we have not asked for these emails in any form or offered any inducement. Read into that whatever you like.


It is just like having a Magical Backup Fairy always backing up your files in case you forget. Awesome!

– D.S.


Review by the Ottawa PC Users Group.


… I’ve been very happy with QuickShadow 1.2.4 and I’m running it with my Netgear Duo. It was just a couple of weeks after I did the last full backup of my wife’s machine that it crashed.

Without QuickShadow and Netgear we would have lost years and years of our family photos (among many other things)…

– Jim P.


I bought this software from you last year sometime. I wanted to drop a line to say what an excellent app. I had several synch issues I needed to tackle in a complex server system where we were migrating from old to new servers, but still had to have both online for some legacy issues, and needed to have files synched. Later, after having some crashing issues with our NAS I used it to set up a live mirror of the NAS onto a simple drive in a workstation.

Recently, the NAS finally died for good and has instilled enough distrust in that concept for storage that I shelled out some serious money for a nice new fancy server with a couple TB worth of SAS drives.

Anyway, thanks to Quickshadow, when the NAS died Friday afternoon, I was able to switch to the backup drive that was up to the moment updated and our office of 15 people was able to have a normal Monday almost unaware of the fact that there was a cataclysmic drive failure the night before.

I was recently getting a “error watch thread” error or something like that on my workstation. I had a crash mid synch and something went bad. I also saw you had an update so figured may as well. Installed that, and it was just instant registered, all settings the same, and no error. Once again, some stellar programming to have something to update in 10 seconds and work with no fuss.

– Kevin P.


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