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Main Window

If you want to see what is going on, it is shown in the main window. If you want to start or stop monitoring, or start or stop a synchronise, this is where it is done.

Setup – Selecting backup source and destination

This setup page shows where the backup source and destination are set. Just click a few buttons – easy!

Setup – Exclusions

If you want to stop copying worthless junk to your backup, you use exclusion patterns. This is where they are set. A large set of exclusions are already provided, most users don’t need to change these.

Setup – Options

The options allow various settings to be changed. The standard options are good for most users, but those who need to tailor the behaviour can do so here.

Setup – Advanced Options (for registered users)

Advanced options allow setting things like number of old versions to keep, when to schedule a syncrhonise, if open files should be copied, and so on.

Advanced options are available for registered users – and for the first 30 days of evaluation.