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Quicklytech also produces bespoke software for clients, and undertakes firmware development for small microcontrollers (thus operating at both the big and small ends of the scale).

For queries about firmware development contracting, please use the contact form.

Other software that may be of interest:

Radio Clock (reborn)

Radio Clock (reborn) is a modern re-implementation of a free program that originated many years ago in an Australian community radio station. The source code and author are both lost in the mists of time – the program is thought to have originated back in the Windows 95 or 98 days. The transition to Windows Vista and 7 was not kind to the old Radio Clock program… so I re-implemented it.

Click HERE to download this FREE program.

Suggested users are broadcast radio stations where accurate time calls and a good indication of time until the next minute is needed.

Installing and Uninstalling

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To install: use the above link to download RadioClock_Setup.exe. After downloading, run the installer. This should present you with a prompt indicating that the program is digitally signed by Quicklytech Pty Ltd. Use of a digital signature helps ensure authenticity. Follow the installer prompts.

To uninstall: use the windows Programs and Features part of the control panel or Settings App on Windows 10, select Radio Clock, and then use the uninstall option.