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QuickShadow Backup 2.18 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.18 has been released.

This is a major release which adds new features and corrects some defects.

From the release notes:

Major improvements:

– At install time,QuickShadow Backup can be selected for installation by a local administrator user (as was done back in ver 2.15), as well as for all users (as was for ver 2.17). Those users who had trouble using ver 2.17, can use ver 2.18 – just install for a single local administrator user.

– When looking up the backup locations / opening setup, in some cases this could be extremely slow – this is now significantly improved.

– When the backup is to an external machine with a username and password, the workgroup or domain is detected and a prompt is given to the user to allow those to be applied – this improves the reliability of connection in many cases.