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QuickShadow Backup 2.17 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.17 has been released.

This is a major release which adds new features and corrects some defects.

From the release notes:

Major improvements:

– QuickShadow Backup can now be run by users who are not PC Administrators
(For example this means on a shared home PC, when the kids log in, the backups can still run).

– The Progress Bar for the Copy of files now much more accurately reflects actual progress.

– Dramatically quicker program close if a file copy was in progress (10x – 100x faster); especially at machine shutdown time.

– Normal operation will continue if some backup destinations are not available.

– New and easier to use source and destination directory / location selection.

– Improved compatibility with Microsoft OneDrive destinations (online/offline attributes).

Minor changes:

– Better machine start performance by juggling priorities and start-up delays.

– Pressing ESC during setup no longer deletes a backup set.

NOTE that this version includes major underlying changes, and allows LIMITED (non-admin) users to run AND configure the backup sets in QuickShadow Backup. This permits non-admin users to change the backup configuration. If this represents an unacceptable security change, please avoid using this version.