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QuickShadow Backup 2.15 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.15 has been released.

This is a major release which adds new features and corrects some defects.

From the release notes:

Major improvements:

– Windows 8.1 is supported.
– Watch / Monitor can now copy to multiple destinations.
– There are now variable timeouts before monitored files are copied.
– Transcript now shows deletes, renames as well as copies.
– More large file copy delay intervals.
– Backup sets can be selected to be Sync-Only.

Minor changes:
– A memory leak has been fixed.
– When directories are copied the read-only attribute is preserved.
– More exclusions are added, and the windows backup exclusions can be used.
– Various off-line checks now take into account backup sets that are disabled.

QuickShadow Backup 2.14 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.14 has been released.

This is a minor release which corrects an exception and crash that happened sometimes when using the new Folder Chooser.

QuickShadow Backup 2.13 Released

QuickShadow Backup 2.13 has been released.

This is a minor release which corrects an exception and crash that happened sometimes when using the new Folder Chooser.

QuickShadow Backup 2.12 Released

Version 2.12.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a defect fixing release:

Improvements & Defect Fixes

Better validation that the source locations exist

Source locations were previous checked during setup, but if renamed, deleted, or moved afterward then a sync would skip them, and the monitor would create “Watcher thread” errors.

This is now corrected with significant checking before a sync is begun, and before the watch operation starts.

If a source location is not present, an error will be displayed.

Automatic sync will not display errors in the event of missing, renamed, or moved source locations – it skips those that don’t exist and does the best it can with what it can find. This ensures automatic sync is not disruptive.

Main form size and position

The size and position of the main form is saved on program exist and restored when the program is run.

Folder selection can show Hidden Folders.

It was difficult to locate some files or locations, such as email mailbox storage, because this uses hidden folders which could not be browsed.

The folder selector is now completely re-written so that hidden folders can optionally be seen.

Verify could sometimes crash the program for large files.

Up until now, Verify used a software component that read the entire file into memory. Verify of very large files (typically 1 – 2 GB in size) would cause crashes due to running out of memory.

The applicable software component is now replaced with a lean-and-mean version which has a dramatically reduced memory usage.

Various Crashes

Sometimes the program would crash due to running out of memory (unrelated to verify), or crash on shutdown, especially if an error was being shown.

This is now improved (and hopefully completely fixed).

Minor improvements:

The Old Versions cleanup utility has had some descriptions improved and now shows a message if no files are found.

QuickShadow Backup 2.11.0 released

Version 2.11.0 corrects an installer problem in 2.10 – which would not auto-start.

QuickShadow Backup 2.10.0 Released

Version 2.10.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which:

– Corrects a defect where sometimes a directory on the backup would have the Hidden and System attributes set.

– Adds a facility to the Synchronise function that corrects any directories on the backup that have had Hidden and System attributes set by mistake.

– Adds a new log viewer in preparation for the version coming that supports running by limited users.

– Changes buttons to have a “hot” colour that is active when the mouse is over them – making the button you might click easier to see.

– Improves the looks of some visual parts of the main program screen.

QuickShadow Backup 2.9.0 Released

Version 2.9.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which adds support for Windows 8.

Here’s a teaser though…. version 3 is coming and this will support backup by non-Admin users.

QuickShadow Backup 2.8.0 Released

Version 2.8.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects these defects:


2-way sync malfunctioned in some cases

2-Way sync would not create folders on the PC when pulling files back from a NAS.

This was an accidental regression of behaviour that happened in version 2.5.0, and is now repaired.

QuickShadow Backup 2.7.0 Released

Version 2.7.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects these defects:


Settings not being saved

When the logging option was set to log deferred files, this setting was not being correctly saved. Next time the program was run, a logging would be only for errors. This is now corrected.


The process of upgrading was clumsy, requiring a previous installation to be removed before the new one was installed, and imposing a need to reboot and re-run the installer. This is now streamlined so the the installation is run completely in a single pass, performing the upgrade, and prompting for the (needed) reboot at the end.

QuickShadow Backup 2.6.0 Released

Version 2.6.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects only a single defect:


Windows Explorer Context Menus

On some operating systems, (especially Windows 7), a change introduced in Version 2.5.0 meant that some Windows context menu entries were not shown. This change has been removed and the problem is now fixed.