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QuickShadow Backup 2.11.0 released

Version 2.11.0 corrects an installer problem in 2.10 – which would not auto-start.

QuickShadow Backup 2.10.0 Released

Version 2.10.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which:

– Corrects a defect where sometimes a directory on the backup would have the Hidden and System attributes set.

– Adds a facility to the Synchronise function that corrects any directories on the backup that have had Hidden and System attributes set by mistake.

– Adds a new log viewer in preparation for the version coming that supports running by limited users.

– Changes buttons to have a “hot” colour that is active when the mouse is over them – making the button you might click easier to see.

– Improves the looks of some visual parts of the main program screen.

QuickShadow Backup 2.9.0 Released

Version 2.9.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which adds support for Windows 8.

Here’s a teaser though…. version 3 is coming and this will support backup by non-Admin users.

QuickShadow Backup 2.8.0 Released

Version 2.8.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects these defects:


2-way sync malfunctioned in some cases

2-Way sync would not create folders on the PC when pulling files back from a NAS.

This was an accidental regression of behaviour that happened in version 2.5.0, and is now repaired.

QuickShadow Backup 2.7.0 Released

Version 2.7.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects these defects:


Settings not being saved

When the logging option was set to log deferred files, this setting was not being correctly saved. Next time the program was run, a logging would be only for errors. This is now corrected.


The process of upgrading was clumsy, requiring a previous installation to be removed before the new one was installed, and imposing a need to reboot and re-run the installer. This is now streamlined so the the installation is run completely in a single pass, performing the upgrade, and prompting for the (needed) reboot at the end.

QuickShadow Backup 2.6.0 Released

Version 2.6.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects only a single defect:


Windows Explorer Context Menus

On some operating systems, (especially Windows 7), a change introduced in Version 2.5.0 meant that some Windows context menu entries were not shown. This change has been removed and the problem is now fixed.

QuickShadow Backup 2.5.0 Released

Version 2.5.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects a small number of problems and annoyances:


Problems with a Destination Offline

Sometimes, when a destination was offline, the copies would not be stored (deferred) and tried later. This has been traced to a peculiarity of a run-time library function. This is now fixed (by replacing the run-time library call with code to handle all cases properly).

Empty Folders backed up on sync

Previously, empty folders were not created on the backup during a synchronise. For about 99% of users, this is no issue, however sometimes the structure of folders is important (for example, a subversion repository) even if some of the folders are empty. Empty folders are now created on the backup during a sync operation.

Logging improvements

Logging has been improved for files that are deferred. A new logging option is added to allow seeing in the log the files that were deferred.

When using VSS can now set the huge file size and copy interval

Previously, when using VSS in the Advanced Options, it was not possible to set the “huge file” size threshold, or the copy interval for huge files. These two settings are now added to the Setup, and can be changed by a user within certain limits.

Tab orders fixed and main form “files to copy”

The tab order for controls on the main form was somewhat random. This is corrected. The main form also allowed typing into the “Files to Copy” list, although this did not actually do anything. This now prevents typing.

Windows Explorer right-click

In some cases, when a number of backup sets were in use and some were disabled, it was possible for a file that was on the backup to not be found when using the right-click operation. This is now fixed.

QuickShadow Backup 2.4.0 Released

Version 2.4.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects a small number of problems and annoyances:


Windows 7 – extra copy taken

Sometimes on Windows 7, when watching folders, a file would be copied and then copied again some time later even though there had been no modifications. This is corrected.

Vss – snapshot created but no files copied

In some cases when using VSS, a disk snapshot set was created but then the files to be copied were deferred. The meant that the snapshot set was created but then no files were copied, spinning the hard drive for no benefit. Now, files are deferred before a snapshot is created, and snapshots are only created if there is a useful file copy to be made.

Logging improvements

Many changes and improvements have been made to logging. More information (especially about failures and errors) is now logged. The logs contain more information including where a fault was detected. Most of the time this is of no consequence but when a fault is found, the extra information will help with diagnosis. As a consequence the format of the log file has changed.

Memory leaks

A small number of memory leaks were identified and fixed.

QuickShadow Backup 2.3.0 released

Version 2.3.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects a small number of problems and annoyances:


– 0000175: [general] Auto-start on Vista broken

On some Vista machines, QS would not auto-start on login. This is corrected.

– 0000176: [exclusions] Files starting with the name “recycled” were not copied

The general exclusion of recycle bins caught files with a name starting “recycled”. This has been fixed.

– 0000177: [exclusions] Renaming to an excluded name – file was copied

When a file was renamed to a new name that matched an exclusion pattern, it was copied when it should not have been. Now the rename-to (new name) is checked and if it matches an exclusion, the rename will not be propagated or cause a copy.

– 0000178: [VSS] Still some failures with VSS

Some of the improvements to prevent VSS failures made things worse rather than better. This is corrected – the most recent service packs for Windows Vista and 7 also seem to made a significant difference.

QuickShadow Backup 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 of QuickShadow Backup is a minor update which corrects a number of problems and annoyances:

New Features

– 0000091: [setup] Show available space on drives

The setup menu includes a new option that shows the amount of available space on a selected destination volume.

– 0000166: [general] Persistent Error report when away from backup device

The error report when away from a backup device (eg a laptop) had an option “do not show this again”, but this setting only lasted the running life of the program. This has been extended now so that it is remembered. A new menu option is added to clear any errors set to “do not show this again”.

– 0000159: [VSS] VSS Errors
– 0000165: [VSS] VSS Errors

On some (especially) busy systems, VSS would cause errors to be reported. The cause is a failure in the VSS service of the operating system, but is retryable. QuickShadow Backup now implements retries, which should cause the frequency of VSS failures to significantly reduce.

– 0000169: [general] Show file size in list of pending files + highlight

The file currently being copied on the pending copy list is shown in highlight. The size of each file being copied is shown alongside the progress bar.

– 0000167: [VSS] On registration, set Snapshots

Once a user has registered they are prompted to enable VSS snapshots. This encourages use of the feature and reduces the number of emails asking how to resolve problems with backup of Outlook and Thunderbird email boxes.


– 0000168: [VSS] Huge File Delay default value is wrong

When VSS is selected, the delay period used for large files was 30 minutes, not the 60 minutes presented on the setup forms. The delay has been corrected to 60 minutes.

– 0000158: [registration] Registration state shown in title bar is not changed when registering

Fixed – when registering the title bar is now immediately modified to show a successful registration.

– 0000170: [exclusions] More exclusion paths

A number of new exclusion paths have been added to suit Vista and Windows 7. Users need to select the button to load the default exclusions.

– 0000160: [general] Exceptions on startup when deferred files saved

A defect caused exceptions for some users, some of the time, on startup when loading the deferred files list. This has been corrected.

– 0000161: [general] Showing failure when all working

Sometimes a failure would be shown even though copies to the backup were OK.

– 0000164: [setup] Won’t auto-start if installed on drive other than C

On Vista and Windows 7, the program would not auto-start on logon if installed on anything apart from drive C. Corrected this.